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Powerful Dashboards - Simple Reporting

Powerful Dashboards - Simple Reporting

Imagine an unbelievably beautiful dashboard, purpose built just for you. At Simple Inspector we believe that you know your business better than we know your business. That's why we provide custom dashboards for each and every client! This means you can use your current workflow and see the things that mean something to you and hide those that don't!

We check all the boxes!

Make sure you never forget a step with a custom checklist. Did you forget to stock the Mini-Bar? Make a task! Forget to bill for the furnace filter change? Tasks can fix that too! Simple Inspector will improve and empower your workflow with custom tasks.

Even better than that, we built in custom notifications for each and every task. Now you will receive an email or text when something important happens.

We check all the boxes

Organize your customers your way

Organize Your Customers

Owners & Renters? We got it. Retail & Commercial? We can do it. Brooklyn, Long Beach & Yonkers? Piece of cake. Okay you get the picture, use Simple Inspector portfolios to stay organized and get better reports.

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First impressions mean a lot

Put your best foot forward with Simple Inspector's world class report templates. Our proprietary reports were developed with one goal in mind, to help you look great while selling more products and services than ever before.

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Simple Templates

We understand not all inspections are created equal, that's why we help you build your inspections quickly and efficiently with templates. Does that property have multiple AC units? Did that house have a secret basement? Now with templates, you can easily and quickly add a new property to your portfolio so you never miss an important detail.

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Don’t worry about spam, we are too busy building the new great feature of Simple Inspector to have time to email you every day! Expect a few a month.

We respect your right to privacy and will never sell your information or send you spam.

Still Not Convinced?

"We saved thousands of dollars just by having digitized reports. When a renter opened a law suite against us several years later I was glad we used Simple Inspector. I will never go back to paper inspections."

There is a lot of features about Simple Inspector that we didn't cover on our website. Things like user roles, parts catalogs with labor rates, custom areas.... Just to name a few. That is why we want you to schedule your free demo today!

We make quoting, Simple.

Enjoy the power of cataloging your products and services that way when you need to build a quote, it will be quick and easy.

Get the insight you need

Grade performance, quality or really anything with custom scale settings right inside Simple Inspector.

Inspect what you need, not what you don't

Never underestimate the power of inspection types, we know you do not have the time to check the roof on every inspection. With custom inspection types you can schedule the type of inspection you need to make sure you're never wasting time again.

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Communication Made Simple

Gone are the days of chasing down emails and texts from a specific quote or inspection report. We know communication with your customer is key and that's why we built a snazzy customer communication thread tool right into Simple Inspector.

Manage each shared inspection communication on a per share bases. We provide the luxury of making sure you never get your communication wires crossed ever again, at no additional cost.

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